Baron Nashor – League of Legends Notorious Beast 

The most powerful neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift is Baron Nashor. In-game, he is described as follows: “This is an extremely potent hostile monster; proceed with caution! This monster’s demise will result in substantial monetary and magical rewards for the party, but it should not be confronted alone.” 

Killing Baron Nashor will grant you: 

  • Attack damage to all living teammates for 180 seconds.
  • Bonus attack damage
  • Ability power 
  • Ability power bonus 
  • Empowered Recall, and an aura that greatly boosts the power of nearby Minion

What You Should Know About the Baron

The Baron is a significant objective that spawns at the 20-minute mark on the upper side of the map. It has high health and deals significant damage. The team that wishes to capture the Baron must devote a substantial amount of time and resources to securing him. If they fail to do so, the enemy may be able to steal the objective for themselves.

The killing of the Baron rewards the killing team with XP, gold, empowered recalls, increased movement speed, and much more. Check out the Hand of Baron Wiki page to discover what else Baron provides.

If a member of the winning team dies, they lose their statistics and lose access to items such as empowered recalls. You should avoid dying once you obtain the Baron so that you do not lose the buff immediately.

Even though any champion can capture the Baron, you will have greater success with certain champions. For example, champions with high burst damage, consistency, high attack speed, or champions with an execute. Senna, Cho Gath, and Master Yi are possibly two of your best options.

Baron Nashor is a highly sought-after objective that is difficult to achieve without sufficient manpower and resources. Almost always, a tank to absorb the damage is required; otherwise, only a handful of champions can fight the monster on their own, relying primarily on massive DPS.

Securing Baron Nashor is a high-risk endeavor, as the resistance-shredding debuff and the confined pit give an intervening counterattack an advantage. Vision icon.png Controlling the pit’s line of sight is also crucial to securing the kill, as it obscures the opportunity to intervene and steal the objective. Given these dangers, it is preferable to engage Baron Nashor while the enemy is incapacitated.

Using Baron Tricks and Tips

Baron is sometimes required to gather intelligence on the enemy. However, it is not so simple to kill. If you wish to capture the Baron, you will need to take precautions to ensure you can kill it without losing the game.

You can do so at any time by entering your Summoner’s name and viewing your GPI scores. With these statistics, you can quickly determine your overall performance in securing the Baron. Here are some suggestions for capturing the Baron in League of Legends:

  • Establish an ambush near Baron
  • Eliminate the enemy’s Support
  • Don’t ward by yourself in the middle or late game (unless you know where the enemy is)
  • Consider twice before using Baron against particular champions
  • Utilize your champion’s abilities to defeat the Baron

Legends of League Baron Abilities

Once every six basic attacks, Baron Nashor will activate a power. The initial ability of Baron will be determined at random. However, all abilities after the initial one can be predicted; Baron Nashor’s ability rotation is cyclical (e.g., Acid Pool > Acid Shot > Tentacle Knockup > Acid Pool). If there are more units behind Baron Nashor than in front of him, he will instead initiate a rear area-of-effect attack.

Acid pool: After winding up for 2 seconds, Baron Nashor spits out 3 pools of acid in a cone in front of him, which land over 0.75 seconds and deal 10 percent AD magic damage to all champions on impact, as well as creating a field for 2.5 seconds that causes those within it to move at a 50 percent slower rate.

Acid shot: After winding up for 2 seconds, Baron Nashor spits acid in a straight line for 2 seconds, dealing 20% of his Attack Damage in magic damage to all targets.

Tentacle KNOCKUP: Baron Nashor conjures a tremor beneath the target that erupts with a tentacle after 1.25 seconds, dealing 25 percent additional damage (AD) to all units within and knocking them up for 1.25 seconds. Additionally, units near the perimeter of the area are slightly displaced.

Area-of-effect rear attack: Baron Nashor erects a cluster of spikes behind him, inflicting 50 percent area-of-effect (AoE) physical damage and stunning foes for 0.5 seconds.

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