Vayne LoL – League of Legends Night Hunter 

In both low and high elo, Vayne has always been one of the most popular ADCs. This is because Vayne has great outplay potential and is highly interactive. Even though she is a “late game” champion, she scales extremely well and is one of, if not the best carry champion in the game.

Even though the meta changes with every patch, Vayne is always a solid pick. Nevertheless, she is not an easy champion to acquire. To master the champion, you must have extremely quick reactions and excellent micromechanics, as getting caught by crowd control in late-game team fights can result in instant death.


Vayne excels at crafting items with high attack damage and also benefits greatly from attack speed. The Blade Of The Ruined King is the ideal starting item for Vayne. It provides her with the necessary attack damage and attack speed, as well as a fantastic passive. The passive steals their movement speed when you hit a champion with three basic attacks or abilities. This is beneficial when pursuing foes with Vayne’s mobile kit. Blade of the Ruined King also provides a physical vamp, which can assist Vayne in surviving the early laning phases. After you have completed the construction of Blade, you should focus on increasing your attack speed so that Silver Bolts can deal true damage.


Early in the game, Vayne is a terribly weak champion. You should remain as passive as possible and avoid death so that you can farm for your core items and scale into the late game. Due to Vayne’s short range, you should not risk your life to get the last hit on a minion for gold, as enemies will sometimes take advantage of this and kill you. Remember that you can use Tumble to avoid enemies and Condemn to push them away to help you survive.


Vayne can use her dueling potential and carry the game once you reach the late game (and we’re talking about the very late game) and have all of your core items and more. As an AD Carry, it is always best to remain grouped with your team. You should position yourself as far away from the enemy as possible and allow your front line to absorb all the damage. The majority of the time, you are the primary source of damage, so if you are caught alone and die, your team will be in serious trouble, so make sure you are always safe.


Her movement speed increases when she moves towards or pursues a visible enemy champion (within the 200 range). Normally, the passive increases movement speed by 30, but while her ultimate ability (Final Hour) is active, this boost is increased to 90.

Vayne has excellent chasing potential thanks to her passive, which grants her tier one boots whenever she is fighting or cleaning. Along with ‘Final Hour,’ Vayne is incredibly mobile in team fights, allowing her to dodge a wide variety of skill shots and avoid danger. Although it may seem risky, dodging toward the side of an enemy champion is a viable option for Vayne, thanks to the increase in movement speed granted later.


Price: 30 Mana

Duration: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1

Despite his fairly straightforward ability, execution is the key to unlocking Vayne’s full potential. When Q is cast, Vayne will tumble a short distance in the direction of your cursor. In addition, once she completes her tumble, the next auto attack will deal additional physical damage (within 7 seconds). The ability has a very low cost and can be spammed during the laning phase to increase harassment. Once maxed, the 2-second (base) cooldown grants her increased mobility and kiting potential in team fights.

Tumble is Vayne’s primary kiting ability, used to both avoid skill shots and finish off enemies in combat. However, tumble will not enter its cooldown until she uses her auto-attack buff, preventing its abuse while fleeing.

While Vayne can still take critical hits with her auto attacks after casting Tumble, the additional AD damage from her Q is not multiplied.


Every auto will apply a stack of silver bolts that lasts 3.5 seconds. Once three stacks trigger on an enemy minion, jungle monster, or champion, the target takes additional true damage based on its maximum health. While the amount of damage is determined by the target’s health, there are minimum true damage values that bolster her damage against weaker champions early in the game.

Vayne’s silver bolts allow her to utterly destroy tanks in the late game, as her ability perfectly counters both high health and armor. Since damage increases proportionally to maximum health, tanks take the most damage. In addition, Silver Bolts deal true damage, meaning that the damage is not only high but also completely pierces the target’s armor.

(All resistances are ignored except for Kayle’s ultimate, Tryndamere’s ultimate, and Kindred’s ultimate.)


Prolong the game: As stated in the introduction, Vayne is a late-game champion, so let’s begin there. Being a late-game champion necessitates scaling; the longer the game continues, the stronger Vayne becomes.

Because she is a full build, Vayne deals insane amounts of damage; when allies are at total health, they take longer to die, granting her more ‘peel’ to prevent her from being targeted or bursting unexpectedly. She is considered “late-game” because her Q cooldown is extremely short, making her extremely difficult to kill while pumping out damage when combined with Final Hour.

It is extremely difficult for the enemy to kill you if you simply roll back into your support or other tanks. If an assassin jumps on you and you press R+Q immediately, the assassin should die while you become invisible.

Condemn him away from you, flashback, or to the side if you believe he poses a threat in the unlikely event that he survives. You will be the primary source of damage on teams with a Vayne; they won’t have much more damage. As long as you survive the initial attempts to burst you, it is unlikely that you will be grey screened if micromechanics is performed correctly.

Wait for engage: Engaging on Vayne may seem enticing, especially after viewing gosu’s Vayne montages, but IT’S A TRICK! You should rarely engage as Vayne because her auto-attack range is relatively short, requiring you to frequently fall forward. Furthermore, tumbling aggressively at the outset renders you extremely vulnerable, and without his Q, Vayne has limited escape mobility.

Once inside, it is challenging to retreat, as tumbling is impossible, and the only way to gain your movement boost is by walking towards the danger. These results in Vayne players being baited, particularly if you have poor vision in the jungle and believe it’s a free pick.

Please, for everyone who uses the lock screen feature throughout the game, do not… Vayne is far too mobile, and misclicking is a significant issue in team fights, as missing one auto attack is equivalent to missing 700-1000 damage, which can turn the tide of a fight. If it’s too difficult to frequently reposition your cam, leave it unlocked and continue dealing damage.


Choose a champion with strong crowd control: CC is Vayne’s greatest foe, as she is incredibly fragile like most ADC. Vayne is not a mobile champion, even when evading, especially against lane ganks early in the game.

Focus on her regardless: While Vayne may be behind, her Silver Bolts allow her to deal insane amounts of damage despite not being fully equipped. Do not ignore her; if she manages to rack up a few kills in team fights, she will quickly become uncontrollable due to her innate scaling.

Vayne isn’t particularly strong in the early game, so if you’re laning against her, play aggressively to force her into missing experience and gold. You must take the initiative and force fights constantly against Vayne, as a stalled game against her is typically unsuccessful.

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